Day care
Security and safety of children is a top priority in our center. Parents must enter a PIN number to open the front door. Once inside the front office, each parent is required to log-in to a computer at each drop-off and pick-up of his/her child.

Once in the classroom, children are entered on a classroom attendance sheet, monitored by the teacher, noting each transition throughout the day to ensure all children are present.

All staff is provided a thorough training in our safety and security procedures for the safety of your child.

Our playground is securely fenced. No access from the surrounding area except at the front door entrance is permitted. The entire building is monitored electronically by monitors installed at the front office.

Open Door Policy

Bright Kids Child Development Center maintains an open door policy with all parent/guardians and authorized family member of enrolled children. Parent/guardians are not only welcomed to visit at any time during operation, but also highly encouraged to volunteer and visit their child’s classroom. We believe that the home and the school, working together, can form a solid base in each child as he/she prepares to meet life’s challenges. We encourage parents to be a part of this process by getting involved with school activities.

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